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With the increased prices of energy, the popularity of solar panels is getting more noticeable. The panels get energy from the sunlight throughout the day and convert them into energy with a photovoltaic effect. Simply, it is the silicon cells (about 60-72) that get activated and create electrons when coming in contact with the sunrays. It generates electricity as Direct Current (DC) and then passes through the inverter that transfigures it into Alternative Current (AC).


How many solar energy panels you need to install to accumulate enough energy depends upon a few important factors such as:

  • The amount of sunshine received in your location
  • The angle and alignment of roof on which the panel will be placed for solar energy
  • How much energy you naturally consume in summer and winter


Solar energy products end up in different sizes, shapes, and structures. You can purchase them at your local hardware store at affordable price as the products can also be used for other purposes like water heating, or other purposes of electric and electricity.


Here is some information on how solar energy is generated out of solar panel:


The sun performances as a nuclear reactor and releases energy when reactions happen inside the Sun. The energy, then, takes the form of photons, and move in all directions throughout space. In terms of the scale, the earth then comes fairly close to the Sun, and those photons tour 93 million miles away from the Sun towards the earth in 8.5 minutes.

If we would have infrastructure to harness this entire power that reaches our earth, then the solar energy might blast the Earth. The Solar energy could, over the course of an hour, satisfy the present requirement for energy throughout world in a year. However, not the entire amount of energy actually comes to the ground. In addition, the amount of energy that reaches the earth is not properly utilized. We can still generate a huge amount of solar energy power with right solar energy products. Try Best Quality Solar Energy Systems to convert solar power into electricity through intensive photovoltaic power systems.


How solar panels turn photons into electricity: The silicon with which the solar panels are made is semiconductor. Each solar panel is like a sandwich. The one of its side, that is silicon, is alloyed with other metals for negative charging and the other side to make it positively charged. When the photons hit a cell, they stimulate certain electrons and snap them from the atoms with which they are attached or bounded to. The electrons, then, flowing through the conductor, join both the sides: positive and negative. This is the way how the electric flow is generated.


One of the biggest advantages of consuming solar energy is its inexpensiveness as compared to other methods of electric-generating procedure. This is the reason more and more people are switching over to solar power. Solar systems are also extremely easy to continue with. They can be installed without any technical person. Also, there is hardly any maintenance cost necessary. Another advantage of using solar energy products is that they are more eco-friendly than other alternative solutions.


More importantly, the solar energy lasts for a long time as compared to other alternative power supplies such as water power or wind power.